This week we have Katie and Chad's wedding to show you. A small wedding with simple surroundings but for those that participated, it was a great time! Mostly family and close friends attended to give their support for the newly weds. Everyone that gets married is (hopefully) in love, but it's been a while since I've seen two people this much in love. We had the opportunity to shoot an engagement session for Katie and Chad last October and they were just as much in love back then. I have no doubt they will grow old together. Here again, are a few favorites of the day. Katie and Chad, we wish you all the best!


batesville wedding001

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Sometime around the middle of December my wife (Rhonda), my son (Andrew), and I decided to grab a quick lunch at the Greenwood Park Mall food court. As soon as we walked in I noticed this bright yellow and blue bi-plane sitting in the middle of the food court; kinda hard to miss. We got our food and sat down and of course the conversation was ‘that’s a pretty plane”, “I wonder how much they charge for rides”, “maybe I should go check it out”. Of course I didn’t know that Rhonda had already purchased a ticket weeks earlier as a Christmas gift to me; she knows I love to fly.


Ok, fast forward to yesterday at 5:30 P.M., my schedule, the pilot’s schedule, and the weather finally all came together and I went flying!


I asked Rhonda to gather some information about the plane so I could share that here. First off, it is a Stearman bi-plane that was build in 1942 and is almost completely original still today. The going price for Stearmans was $347 in 1946 and most of them were sold to civilians and converted to crop dusters. There are approximately 1100 left in existence; I don’t know if this is in the U.S. or worldwide. The going price for one today is $100,000. So I’d say if you run across one for oh, say, $90,000----buy it!


As I mentioned above, the weather was absolutely perfect, and the ride was very smooth. Pilot Clifford did a wonderful job of flying the plane and answering my questions via radio headsets. If you have any interest in taking a ride I highly recommend giving Bradley Aviation a call. Their contact information is:


Bradley Aviation

799 E. County Line Rd.

Greenwood, IN 46143

Ph. (317) 881-0887


Here are a few photos Rhonda and I took of the flight....


stearman ride001


Your’s truly and Rhonda


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Joleen and Pat were married last Saturday, June 19 at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Shelbyville, Indiana. St. Joseph is such a beautiful church. I have driven by this church dozens of times over the years and I have to say I never really noticed it until now. It is very ornate inside with beautiful stained glass. Joleen was equally beautiful and one the happiest brides I’ve had the pleasure of photographing. The entire wedding will be processed and online soon. In the meantime, here is a short video clip of the day.


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We had another great wedding last Saturday. Kristen and Alex were married at Century Suites in Bloomington, IN, with the reception at Chapman's Restaurant & Banquet Facility. The wedding was outdoors at the gazebo where it was a little hot and humid; it made us all appreciate the coolness of the banquet hall. Congratulations to Kristen and Alex!

Here is another short video of some of my favorite images of the day.


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