We had the opportunity to photograph a wedding at one of Indiana's most majestic buildings---the State House or Capitol Building. Like a lot of people, I had been inside the Capitol Building in the past but never thought about shooting a wedding there. It was great! The light coming through the sky lights was perfect (except for the intermittent clouds), for photographing Megan and Thomas' wedding. After the ceremony, we headed to the Allison Mansion on the Marion College campus for the reception---another great place to photograph. Rain kept us inside for most of the evening, but finally made it outside for a few quick photos. A very nice wedding/reception and two very nice families to work with. Thanks to all!


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We had such a great time photographing Jennifer and Tommy's wedding this past weekend. The wedding was held at Sherwood Oaks Christian Church in Bloomington and the reception was at the Mayfield Ballroom which is a part of MCL Cafeteria. As I understand it, this was the last event to be held there as MCL is closing this facility down---too bad, it's a really nice place. The wedding was as beautiful as the bride! Both families were so nice and pleasant to work with. I would like to thank all of them for allowing us the opportunity to share a very special day with them. We wish Jennifer and Tom all the best.


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Here is our second and final marriage. Our Daughter Olivia was wed to Tristan at The Abe Martin Lodge in Brown County State Park on May 31, 2008. May weather can always be dicey and we certainly took a chance having an outdoor wedding, but it turned out really nice, especially considering the huge storms of the past few days. It was a beautiful wedding with a beautiful bride! Hey, after all it's my Daughter were talking about here.

Again, Alan and Andrea did a wonderful job of taking care of the photography for us, thanks guys!

Ok, so now we're empty nester's, now what? I think this would be a good time for Rhonda and I to rediscover each other. It's been over 28 years since we've been alone. Gee, I hope we still like each other....

Anyway, here is a collage of some favorites images. All of the photos will be online soon.


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Well, it finally happened! Of all the weddings we've done in the past, we finally got to celebrate one of our own. Our son Andrew married Melissa---a very sweet young lady. The ceremony was held at Emmanuel Church of Greenwood and we finished the evening at The Columns in Greenwood. Everyone seemed to have a great time. Our favorite disc jockey Bob, owner of Discturners did a great job of keeping everyone entertained. I tried very hard to be just Dad but ended up being Dad/photographer. I just couldn't keep my hands off the camera. My second photographer Alan and his wife Andrea were the main photographers and did a great job of capturing the day for us.


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