I thought it would be fun to look back at some of our past weddings so see what has changed. And a lot HAS changed.


At that time I was still shooting jpegs instead of raw. For the most part that was fine. If you can keep white balance and exposure pretty close to where they should be then jpegs can handle those minor changes without too much trouble. Since that time, I have learned that shooting raw gives me much more data to work with when processing my images. Better to have too much data instead of just enough.


Along with that, the software we now have to work with is so so much better. In fact, Lightroom 4 was just released a couple of days ago. At the time I originally processed this wedding, I produced what I thought was the best I could do with the tools of the day. Well, I couldn't resist the urge to reprocess these seven images just to see what Lightroom 4 could do with them. It really is amazing what six years of software improvements can do. White balance is easier to adjust, as well as exposure, highlights, shadows, and contrast; all resulting in a better quality product for my clients.


Of course, there have been some significant hardware advances as well. The Canon cameras I was using in 2006 were certainly good but no where near what my current Nikon cameras can do today. Both Canon and Nikon have made great strides in improving their camera bodies. In 2006, I would be pushing my luck if I shot an image at iso 1600. Today I can safely shoot at iso 12,800 and even go higher if needed.


Where will it all end….?



flower girl bride and dad at meridian united methodist chursh indianapolis




bride and groom meridian united methodist church indianapolis



bride and groom getaway car united methodist church indianapolis



bride and groom leaving united methodist church indianapolis



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