Here’s another one of those projects I’ve been putting off doing. We have had many great weddings in the past that have resulted in some really beautiful albums for our clients to cherish. What I should have been doing is documenting in my blog each of those albums when they arrive from the album companies. Now I can finally check this project off my list. Here is the album for Jared & Erin, one of our recent weddings at Community Life Center at Washington Park East, Indianapolis.


Leather Craftsmen is a premium book binder, working together with me and other professional photographers to create a very high-end product that will last a lifetime and longer. This particular book is a 10”x10” with 30 pages. The pages have a nice “stiffness” to them without being too thick and bulky. It really has the feel of high quality in your hands. The cover material is Leather Craftsmen’s “Euro Leather” in black which is genuine leather. Not sure what Euro means but it’s certainly our client’s favorite. Finally, the font used on the front cover is Leather Craftsmen’s “Modern” using upper and lower case characters, also in black. I’ve never been a huge fan of foil imprinting because it’s usually offered in either gold or silver from other companies, and I just think that’s a little too flashy for my taste. I’m really glad Leather Craftsmen has more options.



leather craftsmen album cover



leather craftsmen pages



leather craftsmen_album03



leather craftsmen_album04



leather craftsmen_album05



leather craftsmen_album06



leather craftsmen_album07



leather craftsmen_album08



leather craftsmen_album09




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