What a great three days it was down in Covington, Kentucky. My second shooter Alan and I attended the KYPPA Expo this past weekend and had a great time; I think we might have even learned a new trick or two. Of the ten speakers, that presented at the expo, Tony Corbell, James Churchill, and Cliff Mautner were especially meaningful to me. It's not that the other speakers lacked in their presentations in any way, it's just that these three guys covered topics that directly related to where I am in my career right now. At this year's expo David Ziser was voted in as the association's new president. David is a phenomenal business person; It almost seems like he can be in two places at the same time, this guy goes non-stop. Near the end of the day on Sunday David mentioned that he is already contacting some really big names again for next year's expo. I'm looking forward to seeing the lineup.

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