Jessica and Grant were married this past Saturday at the Community LIfe Center on east Washington Street in Indy. This is a really beautiful building with lots of arches and curves. There is a huge courtyard with a glass and stone atrium at one end. Jessica and Grant had planned to hold the ceremony in this courtyard but rain kept that from happening. Once the decision was made to move inside we started making plans as to how we could effectively photograph the ceremony. Space was limited but luckily there were balconies that allowed some shooting from above. Even with a rainy day, it turned out to be a beautiful wedding. Lots of emotion was displayed by loving family members, friends, and of course Jessica and Grant. Below are some random photos that caught my eye as I began the finishing process. Hope you enjoy, and feel free to leave comments.


community life_center_wedding001




community life_center_wedding002



community life_center_wedding003



community life_center_wedding004



community life_center_wedding005



community life_center_wedding006



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