This week's wedding took place down in Nashville, Indiana at the United Methodist Church there in town. A very pretty church with a lot of stained glass which gave us some great backgrounds for photos. It's a good thing because it started pouring rain before the ceremony and never let up until---well, I don't know if it ever did let up. I've heard that if it rains on your wedding day it will bring you good luck. In that case, Elizabeth and Jezra will probably have enough good luck to last a life time. Speaking of Elizabeth and Jezra---what a sweet couple! It's heart warming to see a young couple this much in love. You just know their marriage will last a lifetime. On behalf of the Todd Studio team, I want to thank Elizabeth (Libby), Jezra, and their families for allowing us to help capture and preserve their wedding day memories.


nashville indiana_wedding001




nashville indiana_wedding002



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