We had a great time photographing Jessica and Grant on Saturday afternoon. We met at Oliver Winery, located just north of Bloomington. The winery has some great landscaping, and the limestone sculptures really add to the photos. We always enjoy coming to this location. Jessica is a former Colts Cheerleader and is now a full time Registered Nurse at St. Francis Hospital. Grant, a graduate of Valparaiso in Electrical Engineering, is working for the Tippmann Group. Jessica and Grant will be married on July 11, 2009 in The Community LIfe Center at Washington Park East. Jessica and Grant have such great personalities and were so much fun to be with, we are really looking forward to sharing their wedding day with them.


oliver winery_engagement001



oliver winery_engagement002



oliver winery_engagement003



oliver winery_engagement004



oliver winery_engagement005



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