I thought it might be a good idea to explain, and show the difference between these three types of images. The first is simply the images that are downloaded from the camera’s memory card after a photo shoot, hence the name SOOC or Straight out of Camera. For me these are RAW images. RAW images should be compared with the negatives that were produced back in the film days. So, in that way, they are unfinished and are not ready for public viewing. In fact, most computers need additional software in order to even view these images. This first image is a direct conversion from RAW to jpeg. Nothing has been done to the image other than converting it to the jpeg format. This image needs a contrast boost, and at least a slight saturation and/or vibrance increase to make it a proof quality image. Since the photo was taken outside in late afternoon sun, the white balance was close enough to not need any adjustment.


Retouch 1



In this version, the contrast, saturation, and vibrance have all been adjusted and the image is ready to go online and be burned to DVD for delivery to my clients. Normally, If I felt like an image needed cropping I would do it at this stage.


Retouch 2



This final stage is reserved for images that are ordered from us as enlargements and for images that will be used in our wedding books. The image has been taken beyond the proof stage and completely retouched. What this image needed mostly was, an evening out of the exposure in the background, the red markers from the golf course removed, and the debris in the water and on the grass removed. As a final touch, the image was cropped and a vignette (darkened edges) was added to bring attention to the subject---our Bride.


Retouch 3



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