Some photographer’s state in their contract that they must be fed, some make no mention of it at all. There is no hard and fast rule about it. Even photographers can't agree on how it should be handled.

But here are a few things to keep in mind...

Even if you decide not to provide a meal for your photographer, they will appreciate a break sometime during the day to feed themselves. Remember that they'll be on their feet for ten or more hours, and carrying twenty or more pounds worth of equipment. It gets tiring, and without some nourishment along the way, even the best photographer will start to run out of gas as the day goes on. And regardless of how hard they try...a hungry and thirsty photographer can't do their best work.

Some photographers are perfectly happy with a ten or fifteen minute break to have a bottle of water or Gatorade and a couple of power bars that they've packed for themselves. All they need is a place to sit for a few minutes.

Others will request a hot meal, and most reception facilities are happy to help out by setting up a "vendors table" off to the side somewhere. If you are feeding your photographer, it helps if they're taken care of towards the earlier or middle part of the serving time. If they do go at the very end, chances are they won't get any chance to eat, as by that time you'll be done with your dinner and be up and about, so they need to be up as well.

Keep in mind however, that if you send your photographer to another room or the kitchen, there is a small chance something important might happen like your dad decides to sing a song, or there's an unexpected toast from your grandmother, and it might get missed.

Unless a meal is contractually required, the final choice is up the bride and groom. Just let your photographer know what to expect so they can plan accordingly.

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