Every professional photographer should be fully insured...not only to protect themselves, but to protect you as well. It's just the responsible thing to do as a business.

The are two main type of insurance that every photographer should have. I will address each one and why it's important to you, the bride and groom, that your photographer have such coverage.

1) Theft or Loss. Theft insurance will help the photographer replace equipment that gets stolen or damaged. Equipment does get stolen. Equipment does get dropped. While most photographers are very careful with such expensive gear, once in a while the unexpected does happen. And why the photographer having theft insurance is important to you is this...what would happen at your wedding if the photographer had his gear stolen or damaged in the days leading up to your wedding and they didn't have the cash on hand to replace it? You'd be left without a photographer, or at the very least, one with hastily rounded up used or borrowed gear that may not be up to the task. Ultimately, your photographs may be effected. If the photographer had insurance, all the gear is replaced and you're safe.

2) Liability. This insurance covers many issues. Suppose your grandmother trips over the photographers tripod and gets hurt? If the photographer was at fault, the insurance will help with the medical bills. Suppose the photographer is at your home and accidentally knocks over that expensive vase you have, his insurance may help to replace it. And finally, many houses of worship and reception venues will require your vendors to have liability insurance before they'll be allowed to work in the building. The church or hotel or whatever wants to be sure they're financially protected should the vendor damage anything or cause an accident.

In should insist that your photographer be fully insured. This is for your protection. Not only if something happens on your wedding day, but to be sure that if something happens at someone else's event, your photographer will still be in business when it comes time to photograph your wedding.

A true professional will have insurance, the amateur or wannabe wedding photographer may not. Always check to be sure, and if they don't...cross them off your list.

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