One thing that you should always ask about, and insist on, is that your photographer has sufficient backup gear should something stop working. Cameras do fail unexpectedly. Flashes do short out when you least expect them to. It'll happen to every photographer sooner or later.

Any good photographer will have an absolute minimum of two camera bodies, and preferably three or more. And I don't mean one good camera and a cheap point and shoot as a backup. I mean good, sturdy cameras designed for wedding use. They should also have two or three extra flashes and enough batteries to power all of them...and a few more batteries in reserve.

If your photographer has only one camera or one flash...what are you going to do if it stops working or gets dropped and broken? The wedding will continue of course, but you'll have no photographs of it. Is this a risk worth taking?

I've heard numerous stories over the years from brides who had a budget photographer with no decent backup gear, and sure enough, something broke and the bride ended up with very few photographs, or very poor ones because the photographer didn't have any backup gear...or cheap gear not up to the task.

Insist that your photographer have two or three cameras and flashes and multiple lenses with them at your wedding. Don't be afraid to ask to see them when you're interviewing and choosing a photographer. Making this part of your decision making process can save you a great deal of heartache down the road.

One thing that separates the true professional from the amateur or wanna-be photographer is their gear. The pro will have the right gear and plenty of it. The wanna-be will have just enough gear to get by...hopefully.

Don't take a chance. Insist on good backup gear.

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