randy rhonda-2Hello. My name is Randall Todd, and I am the owner and primary photographer for Todd Studio. My life as a photographer started when I was 13 years old. I photographed anything and everything as I worked my way through middle school and into high school. I took only one year of photojournalism in high school but it was enough to plant the seed for a future career in photography. In the meantime, I pursued a career in sheet metal. I've always been fascinated with creating things and this allowed for my creative self to survive. During this time, I captured images for my own pleasure, and did some nature photography for the Indiana State Parks.

Todd Studio was born in 2004 as a result of my desire to get serious about my photography. I chose to start my business photographing weddings, and after all these years, I still enjoy spending the day taking photos of couples starting a new life together. I consider it truly and honor to become almost a family member for a day.

 I love to have fun when I work and I'm very flexible in my approach to wedding photography. I make every effort to capture all the traditional groupings and poses, as well as some great artistic shots. I like to capture the rest of the day's activities in an unobtrusive manner; you can call it photojournalistic, candid, or whatever you prefer. If you have any special requests for additional family photos, special poses, or unique ideas I am happy to honor your requests.

I will never stop learning my craft and I will never stop growing as a photographer, there's just too much to learn, and too many classes, workshops, and seminars to attend. I'm also a bit of a technology/gearhead nut, so I'm always looking for new and better tools to help make my photography as good as it can be.

Oh, and I love to hike in the mountains with my wife Rhonda!

I appreciate this opportunity to share my work and my thoughts. I would love to hear your story, so give me a call and let's chat!

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